Kawasaki Z1000 


In addition to all DB Race mirror lines, the Kawasaki Z1000 (2017–>) kit also includes compensators, brake fluid tank cap, arrow cap and a CNC machined solid aluminium fairing. They are all designed and engineered specifically for this bike in the production plant in Italy, where the DB Race Design style centre is also located.

Thanks to the Kawasaki Z1000 Kit you can customize your bike in a unique way.

All products have handmade parts because we want to escape the impersonal logic of mass production and we want our products to maintain a personal value given by the inspiration and skills of the craftsman. All surface finishes are obtained from manual processes.

The quality of all our components is at the highest level, from the simple screw to the glass of the mirror and we carry out quality control on 100% of our items.

The kit suggested by DB Race is composed of :

Rearview mirror X4 LED line >
Arrow Caps >
Brake tank cap >
Front fairing >
Compensators >